December 5, 2011

Euphyllia Glabrescens Coral from Bali

Euphyllia Glabrescens Coral from Bali was very unique and it’s very favourite to almost marine aquarium hobbiest.  What a difference this coral with other coral? This coral is very strong colour especially the one that comes from Bali Island. The thypical color of this coral are  deep green metallic at its tentacle, and combine with different colour at the tip of tentacle.

There are  two combinations of the color of Euphyllia Glabrescens Coral from Bali as follows : two colours euphyllia glabrescens green metallic tentacle with white tips and green metallic tentacle with yellow tips.

Euphyllia Glabrescens Coral from BaliEuphyllia Glabrescens Coral from Bali are found in Bali area sea , the best one is at Nusa dua beach, which is very strong  color, and the tentacle are bigger. The other coral comes from north bali, which is found at deep sea  water , more than 10 meter .  In its native habitat, the growth of this coral are faster than any other area in Bali or Indonesia (Java, Sulawesi).

Many marine aquariums hobbiest love this coral very much, and It means that the population at  the habitat will be decrease in the future. It’s a good news for us that since last one decade, at  early year 2000, some  coral exporter had been succeed in breeding and cultivated them.  As we know that compare to the wild coral, the breeding coral are better in quality , especially the level of DoA  (death on Arrival ) during the shipment also the survival rate after the coral lives at aquariums.

The most important things to consider when we have the coral in our aquarium is pH level  8.1-8.4 , temperature should be at  25 Celcius degree and Its better if we use LED lamp than metal halide lamps.  The wave current level should be at medium level .  Special precautions should be considered when the hobbiest place Euphyllia Glabbrescens  coral from Bali in their aquariums. The tentacle’s coral  consist of nematocyst which can killed other marine species like doughnut or other open brain coral.

In coral trade now, the composition of wild coral and transplant coral still 80:20 , and It means that a good chance for us to develope the market of transplant Euphyllia Glabrescens Coral from Bali.

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