CORAL price are quoted in US$ F.O.B. Indonesia, excluding CITES cost packing charges, handling cost, airfreight cost & documentation cost.


Advance payment by Bank /Wire Telegraphic. Payment must be full payment to cover cost of goods, packaging cost, handling cost , documentation cost & air freight charge.
Payments of buyers must be paid in advance (deposit) according to our Proforma invoice as requested from consignee.

Document cost :

USD 200-250 depend on document, item and volume of order


Minimum 100 kg or 250 Kg depend on Country Destination and air lines regulation


A minimum of 5 working days after full payment receive is required to allow time for preparation the export documentation &coral selection


Packing SIZE :
Box ( 50 cm x 36 cm x 40 cm ) : contain 12-24pieces corals depend on size


Depend on destination
– We pack every coral individually and we measure water parameter needed for packing to make sure the corals arrive in health condition


Any mortality happened on the way if less than 5% must be accepted by consignee. Any mortality or loss caused by flight delayed or missed connection flight which is approved and receipt sign by the cargo officer as witness from the airline involved or other causes beyond our power must be shared between shipper and consignee of each a half (50%) unless if the loss can be claimed and paid immediately.
Any shipment without news to shipper must be accepted in well by consignee, and claims are not allowed if there is no report less than 24 hours after corals arrival. Replacement is usually given on next order unless other are given by us.
– Acceptable/non claimable DOA (Death On Arrival) rate is 5% of the total corals. Claimed DOA for more than 5% will need to be proven with detailed pictures of the dead corals immediately after unpacking within 1 X 24 hr